Welcome to LEAPS

Fall 2014 LEAPS will be on Saturday, November 15!

Please click the registration tab in the top right to register for a service site! 

LEAPS Fall 2014 is almost here! The following bullets will explain group registration instructions: 

  • Each organization will be responsible for selecting their own service site. We recommend that if you have a large group of Leaps participants that you select a site that can accommodate a maximum amount of volunteers exceeding the number of Leaps participants that your group is planning to bring.
  • You can select your group’s service site by viewing the option of service sites and having each of your group members register for that particular site.
  • Since each organization will select their own service site, you are responsible for sharing the site you selected with your group members. Make sure your group members go in and register themselves. 
  • Group registration will be open from Tuesday October 21st through Friday October 31st. We strongly recommend that you encourage all of your group members to register via OrgSync no later than the deadline. After the October 31st deadline, we cannot guarantee that group members who have not already registered will be assigned to the service site your group has selected.


TCU LEAPS is a campus-wide day of service sending students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve together in our community. Participants spend a Saturday each semester volunteering with local agencies, then return to campus for reflection. Our hope is that LEAPS is just a beginning, encouraging us all to learn about and get connected to our community.