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LEAPS Spring 2016: LEAP YEAR

On Saturday, March 19th, LEAPS will be hosting its spring event for 2016, which just so happens to be a leap year! Our LEAPS team is striving for more meaningful service in our TCU community, and plans on educating the student body on community awareness. Furthermore, LEAPS has a central mission to strengthen the bond between TCU and the larger community that surrounds the campus.


Look out for educational events throughout the semester, including LEAPS Week, to learn more about our campus-wide day of service, as well as out development as an organization over the past 15 years


This semester’s day of service will on Saturday, March 19th 2016. There will be one shift, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Registration details are as follows:

Everyone (Group/Individual) Signup: Open! Sign up Today!

TCU LEAPS is a campus-wide day of service sending students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve together in our community. Participants spend a Saturday each semester volunteering with local agencies, then return to campus for reflection. Our hope is that LEAPS is just a beginning, encouraging us all to learn about and get connected to our community.