Welcome to TCU Chemistry Club!

Texas Christian Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society is dedicated to fostering the love of chemistry on campus and throughout the Community. The TCU Chemistry Club is a great opportunity to meet other students who have the same love of chemistry as you do!

Our goals as a chemistry club are to bring together fellow students interested in chemistry in order to help each other advance our knowledge and share our love in the chemistry field. We strive to get our members to become involved with our school's community whether it be through volunteering on campus or just spreading the word of chemistry.

We are actively involved in the Fort Worth community and hosts events at Burton Hill Elementary School, Cook's Childrens Hospital, and help at various other events in Fort Worth. We also send representatvies to the American Chemical Society national meeting every year, and were awarded with Outstanding Chapter Award in 2014.


If you are interested in joining

please contact the president of the club,

Caleb Ashbrook: c.q.ashbrook@tcu.edu


Stop by a meeting, Tuesdays at 5 in the Chemistry Library (Sid Rich 4th floor).

It's never too late to join TCU Chemistry Club!