Trying to find your place at college can be challenging. Luckily, there are many opportunities for you to connect with leaders and professional staff to explore your interests and passions on TCU's campus.

1. Join the "Find Your Fit" group in OrgSync. If you are a new student at TCU you will be a part of the group already, just make sure to confirm your request to join. Not a new student, but wanting to get involved - make sure to create an OrgSync profile and search "Find Your Fit" and JOIN. You will get updates about activities, events and groups that want you to get the most out of your TCU experience. 

2. Attend the Activities & Organizations Fair hosted each fall in the Campus Recreation Gym - 200+ groups and over 3,000 students - guaranteed to be eventful! 

3. Attend multiple organizational meetings that align with your interests. After you attend decide if the group seems like a place you would continue participating. If not, check out a few more groups. If the process gets a little overwhelming seek out your Residence Assistant, Hall Director, Frogs First Leaders, Connections Mentors, Orientation Student Assistants, Frog Camp Facilitators or come to Student Organizations in the BLUU to chat about other next steps.

4. Wanting to get connected? Contact the Student Organizations Office at